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Sunday, November 2, 2014 Posted by Corey Harrell
It was a little over four years ago I started a new journey. The timing wasn't the best when I took my first step into the blogging world. My family welcomed our third son into the world, I was doing challenging work for my employer, and I was still pursuing my Masters degree attending school full time. Needless to say, starting a blog would just compete for the little spare time I had. After talking things over with my wife I took the first step by launching this blog: Journey Into Incident Response (jIIr.) I've been reflecting about this journey since jIIr has surpassed 500,000 page views.

So much has changed in the past four years. I started out with my sights set on incident response and now I'm building out and managing an enterprise-wide incident response and detection program. I have been sharing my journey, my research, and thoughts on jIIr for others to read and learn from. To those who either read one post or numerous posts I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read what I have written. To those who went one step beyond to leave a comment or send me an email I wanted to thank you as well. Blogging is a challenging endeavor and comments are very encouraging.

jIIr started out as a way for me to share back to the digital forensic and incident response community. Shortly after jIIr's launch my motivations changed. What drove me to maintain the blog was no longer sharing back to the community. It's not necessary to share my motivations  because at the end of the day is what matters the most is my ability to help others by sharing what I do. Each jIIr post is an effort to help anyone who may read it. For them to take the information and apply it in their lives and/or work. To those people and organizations who have shared jIIr content either by linking to my posts, retweeting my tweets, forwarding along links, or sharing your thoughts on your own websites. Thank you. Thank you for sharing; jIIr would not be reaching the audience it is today without your support. To those who continue to share jIIr content, I cannot say how grateful I am.

The past four years have been a humbling experience. God has blessed my with a passion for DFIR and the ability to communicate in the written form. For as long as I'm capable, I'll continue to do what I do so at the end of the day others who stumble upon this site may be helped in some way.
  1. Corey Your blog is one of the top blogs that I like to spend my time reading. I thank you for all the time and effort you have given to it and thankyou for sharing the knowledge with the rest of us in the field.

    Long may it continue!

  2. Well done Corey!

    The work is its own reward, keep it up.

  3. Ajeet

    Thank you Corey for sharing all the knowledge . Your blog is awesome and your journey in the last four years is nothing but inspirational.

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