Villager or Special Forces - That Is The Question

Friday, July 10, 2015 Posted by Corey Harrell
At certain times we will find ourselves being like Special Forces going against what seems like a villager with a pitchfork. We are better equipped, better trained, possess more technical knowledge, and have more advanced skills. Despite their best efforts, the pitchfork and the one welding it doesn't stand a chance against our arsenal and our ability to use it.

At other times we find ourselves as the villager holding the pitchfork going up against what feels like Special Forces. They are smarter, have more resources, and possess more advanced skills. Despite our best effort and our ability to use the pitchfork; it's still a pitchfork going against a Special Forces arsenal and people who can use it.

The pendulum swings between the villager and Special Forces in the information security field. Between the two, I'd rather be the villager. The villager is the one facing the constant challenge. Unless of course, the pendulum only contains Special Forces. Special Forces against Special Forces would be the ultimate challenge.

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